Hoco HB1 4-Port USB Hub 2.0 (Tarnish)


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HB1 Four USB 2.0 ports hub charging and data transfer support 80cm cable circuit protection
1. 4 separate USB 2.0 interfaces.
2. USB 2.0 port output current intelligent distribution, maximum output 5V, 500mA current (PC), data transfer speed of the theoretical value of 480mbps (60 Mb/s); can drive a less than 1 Tb mobile hard disk.
3. Size: 78*25*25mm, data length 80cm, net weight: 63g.
4. Data transfer is stable, USB interface extension for desktop computers and notebooks.
5. Over voltage prevent, over current prevent, short circuit prevent, three kinds of complete protection mechanism, use more at ease.
6. Delicate texture, simple structure, high utilization of space.


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